Defining requests 

Dispatch requests are defined using the RequestBuilder class of the underlying library. Everything that can be expressed with Dispatch’s builders and “verbs” can be performed directly on that lower level interface.

Domains and paths 

Request definitions are initialized with a URL or domain name.

Free-form URLs 

The function url belongs to the dispatch package. It is typically imported by wildcard. If it becomes shadowed by a local url value, you can always refer to it as dispatch.url.

val myRequest = url("")

With this builder it is up to the application to construct valid URLs.

Explicit host builder 

To dynamically build up requests, Dispatch provides a number of builders and verbs (symbolic methods). First, you need a host.

val myHost = host("")

A port can be specified as a second parameter.

val myHost = host("", 8888)

When no port is specified, the protocol default is used.

Using HTTPS 

When using the host builder, the secure method specifies that the HTTPS must be used for the request.

val mySecureHost = host("").secure

Appending path elements 

Path elements may be added to requests with the / method.

val myRequest = myHost / "some" / "path"

Each added element is URL-encoded, so that spaces and non-ASCII letters may be added freely. A forward-slash will also be encoded such that it does not serve as a path-separator; the / method is for appending single path elements.

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